Passionate about roots

Our passion is root vegetables and organic farming. And we are proud to be one of the largest producers of high-quality organic root vegetables in Denmark.
Our range includes an exciting selection of carrots, parsnips, parsley roots, Jerusalem artichokes and beetroots. Through efficient and sustainable production methods, we can deliver freshly harvested root vegetables almost year-round.

Quality in every bag

In recent years, our organic production has expanded considerably. And through our dedication and attention to food safety, control and traceability we ensure that every bag of vegetables meets our high quality standards. For instance, our state-of-the-art optic sorting system for carrots can handle up to 7 different sizes so we can deliver exactly the quality our customers need.


At DanRoots, we make every effort to supply fresh Danish root vegetables for about 10 months of the year. This is possible due to our effective and sustainable production methods. In the autumn, we cover our fields with a thick layer of straw to keep the frost at bay. The root vegetables are kept in the ground, and our customers can enjoy them freshly dug throughout most of the year.

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