Organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly food production has put Denmark on the World map as the organic frontrunner for several years. We see it as an important job to maintain this ambitious position through responsible farming.


Yding Grønt, Thorsbjerggaard, Månsson, Dangrow Organic, Tvedemose, and DanRoots represent our largest organic producers. In total they cover almost the entire span of Nordic produced vegetables during all seasons.

Our organic producers are passionate about their products and taking care of the environment in which they are grown. The organic method of cultivation without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is the best way to take care of the soil they live by. Which is why all our producers’ cultivation is conducted with careful consideration for the environment, paying close attention to food safety, control and traceability. As a result, all organic products live up to the high level of legislation needed to fulfill the requirements for using the official Danish Organic Label and the EU label.

Our Nordic climate contributes with a beautiful variation in seasons, which is reflected in our products range. The Danish high season for vegetables is from May until October, with variation in outcome of the individual cultures during the entire season. Some of our products as leeks, carrots, and onions are available almost all year round, whereas other cultures have a shorter season.

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GASA NORD GRØNT is the leading supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables produced in Denmark. We supply fresh products to the Nordic retail and foodservice markets – delivered directly from the individual producers.

Our company is rooted in agricultural cooperative principles and is owned by more than 60 Danish fruit and vegetables producers and we represent several of the leading organic vegetable producers in Denmark. We are proud to offer a broad assortment of products, covering almost the entire span of Nordic produced fruit and vegetables.

Danish vegetables are known for their high quality and sustainable production. Our Nordic climate and rich soil allows us to produce a great variety of fruit and vegetables packed with flavor and nutrients across all seasons. As a proud agricultural nation, we always produce with care and have very high standards in terms of sustainable and organic production.

We not only specialize in selling fruit and vegetables. At GASA NORD GRØNT our ambition is to make the healthy choice easier for the consumers. We strive to develop the market for fruit and vegetables in collaboration with our customers and partners. This is done through a strong focus on product and category development, which we do based on market and consumer insights. Our customer team consist of specialized resources within both foodservice and retail sales, marketing, business development, customer service, and quality control. We have very high standards with respect for quality and food safety. As a result, all our producers have achieved the international certification for fruit and vegetables, GLOBAL G.A.P.

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